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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Kanak Trades's Refund & cancellation policy?

Though we strive to provide you an excellent client experience every time you business with us, if at all you are not 100% satisfied with your business experiance.

How will clients receive Refund?

If you are begin trading with , then we provides you with best and great precise trading tips for business, if after trading with our organization you made loos , then we will restore your reduction within 3 months. In three months customers should have to pay advisory fee proceed. After 3 months if customer not pleased with our perform, then we will return his all advisory fee.

If the transaction was created by Credit score Cards or Net-Banking, we have no problem, kanaktrades credits or reverse credit to the Credit card Cards or credit your Net-Banking account. kanaktrades Credits can be used on a future taking services on the web page.

If the transaction created was by Cash , we can either issue kanak trades Credits or Bank Transfer.. Kanaktrades Credits can be utilized on a future taking services on the website.

How much time will the refund process take?

Generally the refunds are initiated within 7 days of working. Receipt of the refund would depend on the mode of payment chosen by you. The expected timelines are as below:

1. Refund Method Refund Receipt Time (After Initiation)
2. Credit Card 10-15 working days
3. Bank Transfer/NEFT 5-7 working days
4. Kanaktrades Credits 7 working days
5. Debit Card 8-10 working days

For Debit Card and Credit Card transfers the time taken for refund depends finally on the bank. Though we would love to expedite the same, our hands are tied. Also, you can assume additional delay for nationalized banks.

What is's plan Exchange policy?

Though we strive to provide you an excellent client experiance every time you business with us, if at all you are not get 90-95% accurate call with your dealing segment, No Worries!!, you can subscribe any other plan in exchange to your previous plan.

We mean what we say! All you need to do is contact us on +91- 9990138814 at market hours or e-mail at within a period of 1 day, from the date of joining.

However, you must understand that we can't bear a loss either; so exchange of plans will be accepted only if you are not gain profit with same segment!

Can you take multiple plan in exchange for a single plan?

Yes, you can subscribe any number of plan in exchange provided the final price of exchanged plan should be equal to or more than the price of returned plan price.

Will you be charged for exchange plan?

There is no charge for exchange plan. In case you choose another plan of higher value or lower value, you have to pay the differential amount as cash, NEFT, cheque or online pament.

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