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Q. What services do you offer?
Ans. Kanak Trades offer Commodity mcx tips Market tips with 95 to 99% accuracy. We have sureshot call services, HNI services, Positional Services also PAY PER CALL SERVICES.

Q. Is there any Free-Trial Service?
Ans. NO, Kanak Trades never offer trial, we have only paid trial services.

Q. What is your Success Accuracy?
Ans. According to our client/trader also our technical team we offer 95- 99% intraday normal calls also HNI calls or in jackpot calls plan.

Q. Which way you offer calls to trader?
Ans. We provide calls/tips from best SMS server, also yahoo messenger, g-talk, skype and by Phone calls.

Q. How much calls you provide in a day?
Ans. Its Depends on plan , which plan you subscribed.

Q. How to contact you in the Market hours?
Ans. Traders can call us at 011-65077727 or +91-09990138814 for any query or news updates 24/7*.

Q. What is the Minimum Investment requirement for Trading in order to get your calls?
Ans. We dont suggest such minimum investment required for our calls. You can choose the lot size according to your convenience. After that we will suggest you how to trade and how much you should have to trade.

Q. Do you suggest when can I book profit or exit?
Ans. Yes! kanak trades Pvt Ltd provide follow-ups for every calls, proper entry and exit sms or calls both.